Monday, April 07, 2014

"Rape Culture"

We are not here to dispute the existence of a so-called "rape culture" - although we certainly do consider its existence disputable, and we certainly do give our blessing to those who work vigorously to discredit it. 

We are here to make a rather different point, namely, that we will not condone the propagation of this idea, and that we will not consider this idea to have any moral or intellectual power to compel us as individuals.

In this, we take the post-argumentalist position. The point is not to "persuade" people to abandon their ideas, but to to interfere with the implementation of those ideas - or more precisely, the implementation of plans which are informed by those ideas.

So, as regards the feminist "rape culture" idea, our purpose is to dismantle, by an unlimited array of methods, the practical effect this idea might have upon our reality.

What we say regarding the "rape culture" idea, applies to many other feminist ideas as well.


Blogger Kevin Wayne said...

Yes, yes. It goes in quotes. ALWAYS~!

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