Friday, April 25, 2014

He is Not a Feminist. Deal With It!

This guy understands how the game works, and he talks a lot of sense. He merely says "I am not a feminist", and apart from that he doesn't say much.  But of course, he doesn't need to. He's not a feminist and that is all we have any right to know!

The only thing I might fault him for, is that he hasn't quite learned to paint feminism with a broad brush yet. He still appears to think that he ought to sort out one brand of feminism from another - which is an idea I gave up years ago.

Furthermore, he pulls punches. He's too "civilized". 

But that's all right. Give him time and he might come around.  Meanwhile, may his tribe prosper!

UPDATE:  Here is another video by the same author, and it's even better than the one above. Be absolutely certain to watch it, and give it upvotes, and make positive comments:

Pay special attention to the part beginning at 10:54 on the timeline.


Blogger Will Conley said...

It's good to make your acquaintance, Fidelbogen. Thanks again for reaching out. I look forward to your continued contribution to this expansive project of ours, namely, the raising of the public consciousness towards the radical notion of male sentience.

I couldn't agree more with your critique of my current expressions about feminism. I am proceeding quite cautiously, when compared to you and other more seasoned denizens of the ongoing conversation. Of course, from my perspective, as you know, my merely "coming out" as a non-feminist is radical enough for me -- for now.

Towards freedom of thought.

4:40 AM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...


Welcome to the non-feminist revolution, the sector system, the two-frame narrative, post-argumentalism and all those other goodies.

This revolution has been brewing for years under various names, but is finally growing legs, and finding its politically efficient voice.

Keep your eyes on the horizon. . .

5:30 AM  

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