Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Driving Feminism into Tighter Corners

We must address the incompetence of the feminists to deal with their own anti-male sexism and female supremacism. For too long, we non-feminists have been asked to self-censor and to educate our oppressor – and moderate feminist control of the cultural narrative has been chiefly responsible for this.

The so-called moderate feminists have besought us to use tone-policing and appeasement politics if we wish to be heard. That is why we are peeling the mask from the face of moderate feminism, and forcing them into a conversation that goes behind feminist micro-aggression, to what it means to uproot feminism altogether. Yes, we are talking about feminism at large.

A lot of moderate feminists ask us to understand context – always their context, mind you! This is where we fall into the trap of “humanizing” the oppressor. We are required to see the feminists as always reasonable, nuanced, innocent, and acting in good faith. At the same time, we are required to understand non-feminism as monolithic and stereotypical, even though it is impossible to impute such qualities to the mere lack of feminism.

The feminists are endlessly squeezing an apology from us for not understanding their context when in fact they falsely constructed us in the first place. We are forever confronted by the logic of “how can we understand feminism better?”, but as post-argumentalist and non-feminist, that is not how we roll.

The onus is not upon us to study feminism for the rest of time. We have studied it for years, we have reached our conclusions, and we have elected to move our project forward on the strength of those conclusions. We have not cleared this with any feminist authority, because we recognize no such authority.

We recognize that our current position is on the margin of the main cultural discourse. We further recognize that the main cultural discourse is controlled by feminism. Hence, our project is to occupy and strengthen the margin, to fortify the margin, to prepare the margin for what lies ahead.

But in the course of our efforts, we've seen that feminism has gotten in ahead of us and effectively colonized the margin. This comes home to us dramatically when we gather in the absence of feminists and discover that feminist memes and mindsets are still operating within our very own discourse. It is a shock for activated non-feminists to find that even though feminism dominates the mainstream, it seeps into our marginal spaces as well. So it is ironic that when at last we ooze into feminism and encroach on its mind space, the feminists raise a ruckus and cry foul. They should know that what goes around comes around.

Politically-awakened non-feminist people make “offensive” jibes all the time, but these are intended as social commentary. One way to get a point across, is to “play chicken” with a sexual trope or a taboo subject – rape jokes come to mind by way of example. The “don't be that girl” poster campaign also comes to mind.

But if we would take it to the next level, an alternate strategy is to chart the roots of female supremacist thinking, not simply aiming at Andrea Dworkin, the feminazis and other hackneyed fodder, but mapping the vital linkage between commonplace “feminism” and female supremacism as a whole.

When will we have these conversations on how female supremacism has enabled false-rape culture, institutional misandry, anti-male marketing strategies, divorce piracy, and so on? When will we finally touch upon those larger connections? When will we break the silence? When will we toggle the switch and make the feminist the subject of the archetype?

By the end of the day, one thing is for certain: we don't want feminists for allies. They control the power in this world, and there is no earthly reason why they would be any help to us in our goal of ending feminism.

After all, they're feminists. We are the margin and they are the center. So why on earth should they help us to encroach upon their mental space and ultimately dismantle it?

After all, that is precisely what we aim to do. In fact, we have a name for this. We call it “the battle for feminism's soul.”


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We call it “the battle for feminism's soul."

Which presumes feminism has a soul.

Seriously. Are you fucking serious?

Feminism is Scientology for vaginas. WTF has soul got to do with it?

5:57 AM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...

Dude, your lack of sophistication about the finer shades and nuances of language leaves me breathless. I am at loss to communicate anything to one such as yourself. So....get back in line, soldier, and trust that the "officers" know what they are doing.... ;)

2:49 PM  
Anonymous Lastango said...

Quite so. Feminists demand that all discourse take place within feminist ideological space -- an Orwellian place of predefined language where the only possible outcomes are those which respect and endorse feminist orthodoxy. All other stances have been marginalized and demonized, and are inadmissible.

And thanks for saying we don't want feminists for allies. They are never more aggressive and dangerous than when they are moderating and morphing their approach to lure men into engaging with them. EVERYTHING feminists do and say is tactically and strategically calculated toward their only real goal: power.

Especially, we need to beware of women who declare they are not feminists. These days, the ideology is everywhere, and genderfeminist leaders are encouraging women to conceal feminism's sharp edges and to pretend to be on the side of men.

3:03 PM  
Blogger A Dad said...


"Genderfeminist leaders are encouraging women to conceal feminism's sharp edges and to pretend to be on the side of men."

White Ribbon etc.

Engagement is appeasement.

7:17 AM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...


"We" wish to encourage women to declare themselves not feminist. Understand that "we" includes those very same women in the first place. After all, "we" non-feminists are a cross-section of humanity.

Of course, one does understand the danger of infiltration by feminists or crypto-feminists of both sexes, and one establishes filters and security clearances accordingly.

12:20 PM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...

@A Dad:

No, engagement per se is not appeasement. It depends on the form of engagement.

Specifically, engagement on their terms, within their discourse, is appeasement.

12:24 PM  
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