Thursday, April 03, 2014

Feminism, Non-Feminism, and Group Accountability

I have recently posted a reader comment on an AVfM article, in regard to a "polite feminist" who recently interacted with Victor Zen and gave him the usual line about "not all feminists are like that". My comment is carefully written and addresses important matters in summary form, so I have decided to repost it here:
The trouble with her logic is that she talks about non-feminist people as if they were a group who reflect upon each other. That is like holding the majority of the human race responsible for the words or actions of every human everywhere. This is silly, since we all know perfectly well that "not all humans are like x".

Unlike "feminism", non-feminism is not a coherent subset with group accountability. But just for the sake of argument. . . if "feminism" CAN be said to lack group accountability, than the same goes triple for non-feminism, which is nothing more or less that the Entire Universe Exclusive of Feminism.
Either way, non-feminism is not a group with accountability. It will NEVER be that.

As a non-feminist, I bear no personal responsibility for every purported non-feminist who ALLEGEDLY abuses a feminist in some way. So, Amelie Mangelschots, all I've got to say is:


Is Fidelbogen, the "real" non-feminist, abusing you here? Well suck it up, fool! And while you're at it, grow up too! You cannot hold me responsible for non-feminism, or non-feminism for me. But I can certainly do all of the above in regard to you, or feminism, if I am so inclined.

So you'd best get busy and issue a group statement on behalf of you and your "nice" feminist friends, making it clear which parts of feminism you are willing to disown in order to get back into the good graces of the rest of the world - i.e. the non-feminist part of the world.

All right. Even though I, as a non-feminist, have zero obligation to do so, I have issued precisely such a statement - which I call "The Prime Convention of Coalition JS38". So as you see, I have taken upon myself the burden of defining myself as a part of a political subset, and I have anticipated future trouble that might arise from this. You may read the document in question HERE:


You may read the AVfM article, from which this is taken, here:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Random question: aside from being some coalition, what is JS38?

7:53 AM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...

A statement of principles.

4:18 PM  

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