Saturday, April 19, 2014

Feminism is about Equality: It is "Equally" Left and Right

If all points on the cultural spectrum did not contribute their quota of psychic energy to the the social organism known as feminism, that organism would not be viable.

Feminism manifests differently on the right and on the left. This difference is signalized by such markers as the precise form which gynocentrism takes (on the left it's 'gynonormativism') and by the stance vis-a-vis marriage and family. Also, feminism on the right is not expressly named as feminism.

To put it another way: feminism is like a plant with a widespread root system that extends through the entire cultural soil. However, it is in the soil of the "left" that this plant breaks surface and blossoms and bears the ultimate fruit. The unique cultural conditions on the left make possible this consummation of effloresence. If feminism was ONLY a product of the left and nothing other, or ONLY a product of the right and nothing other, it would never have become the mighty social organism that we see today.

People on the left AND the right have a vested interest in covering up the fact that feminism is a product of the entire culture, across the board. Lefties will typically sneer at this idea: feminism is their baby, they like to think! Right-traditionalists and centrists, when they speak of "feminism", will invariably point their finger to the left side of the landscape and away from themselves - which suits the lefties just fine! In this way, the true state of things is falsified and concealed.

Feminism is the product of a cultural supply chain which spreads in all directions, and most people, whatever their cultural-political leaning, are implicated in this chain. For convenience, we may term this system the Feministical Operations Complex - or for short, the femplex.

To reduce all of this to a mere interplay of ideologies - Marxist, socialist, or what-have-you - appears, to me, as superficial. Far deeper wellsprings of of the human psyche are at play in spawning this critter called "feminism" - although we may grant that Marxism and the like do have a salient presence in the mix, and I don't mean to imply that we should not study this to some extent.

In the war of information and ideas, the best plan is to preach to the "almost converted" - the easy pickings, in other words. This will grow the numbers - and growing the numbers is critical. I repeat: growing the numbers is critical. Those who are obdurate to the message will soften with growing self-doubt when they see people all around them shifting toward your side - at which point, they too will become easy pickings. Or at least, easier.

The way to combat the feminist Big Lie, is:

1. To continually assert a counter-narrative as a memetic drumbeat, and. . .

2. To continually place advocates of the Big Lie in crafted moral dilemmas of one kind or another, so as to crumble the credibility of said Lie, bit by bit. A war of attrition. Death by 1000 cuts.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My understanding of left and right is that the further left you go, the more government you get, the further right you go, the less government you get.

Without government, feminism would just wither and die. Though nowadays people confuse republican with being on the right, but they aren't even close if you pay attention to the way they do politics.

9:55 PM  
Blogger evilwhitemalempire said...

Far deeper wellsprings of of the human psyche are at play in spawning this critter called "feminism"

Like the way women despise male weakness.

An interesting question is to ask if effeminate boys and men are really a product of feminism or instead the cause of it?

Another interesting question is if conservatism (essentially classical liberalism) was not, back in it's inception, seen as far left wing compared to something on the right now defunct and considered barbaric?

And a related question: does misandry always = matriarchy?

12:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Feminism promotes effeminate boys and masculine women. If there was a surplus of effeminate boys before feminism, why would they insist on destroying masculinity, at least in men?

Feminism comes from lesbian women who hated men, and really wish they were men, and damaged women who dealt with bad men in their own personal lives, and grew to view men as oppressive and abusive.

Nobody gave a fuck about their radical views, until they got government backing. Which meant public schools, media, painting it in a favorable light, while keeping the more unpalatable views of those women in the dark.

8:20 PM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...


Your remarks are essentially on track, but I would suggest avoiding such trite, stereotypical phrases as "effeminate boys and masculine women", and "destroying masculinity". Can you find a more subtle way to communicate those same notions, without sounding like everybody's idea of a reactionary knuckle-dragger?

Please don't take any of my remarks personally - I only want what is best for the cause.

10:30 PM  

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