Thursday, March 06, 2014

Radical Feminist Typescript by Ti-Grace Atkinson - From 1969

Here, take a trip in the waaaay-back machine, for a glimpse of radical feminism in its primeval, embryonic form - it's like watching a baby rattlesnake breaking out of the egg! This is fascinating, appalling stuff which deserves a place alongside the Redstockings Manifesto (likewise written in New York City in 1969):

I recommend that you archive this and share copies.


Blogger Geo Gri said...

Absolutely surreal! This stuff is pure hate! Even forty-five years ago, feminists were characterizing men as "the enemy", and literally advocating a war against them. The author of the paper, Ti-Grace Atkinson, variously describes men as; deranged, insecure, diseased, pathological, frustrated, and inhumane. She also makes the bizarre claim that love of men is a “psycho-pathological condition” that women "suffer" from, because it’s "the natural response of the victim to the rapist." Not only is this last statement highly suggestive of a mental disorder, it may be one of the earliest examples of the popular feminist lie that "all men are rapists."

Atkinson actually suggests that all men should be drugged. She laments, however, that men have power and they’ll never agree to it. This is truly chilling, in light of today’s massive use of Ritalin on boys. It seems feminists eventually figured out that, while grown men will resist being drugged into submission, boys are an easy target.

The primary reason Atkinson gives for her hostility towards men is her claim that men are pathologically aggressive and inhumane. How odd – men are aggressive and inhumane, yet SHE advocates a war against them, and ponders the advisability of biologically eliminating them. I don't know about you, but that sounds pretty fucking pathologically aggressive and inhumane to me!

The bottom line is that Ti-Grace Atkinson sees absolutely everything through a single, distorted lens – the lens of "oppression." There's a well-known psychiatric term for that kind of thinking – it’s called paranoia. It's ironic that Atkinson claims to have such profound insight into the male psyche, and yet her own mental disorder is completely transparent to her.

Thanks Fidelbogen! Archived!

2:10 PM  
Blogger Kyojiro Kagenuma said...


Thanks Fidelbogen :)

4:05 AM  
Anonymous Nino said...

Fascinating document; another example showing how the roots of radical feminism seem to be buried deep in the mental illnesses of a handful of 1960's feminists.

9:48 AM  

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