Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Kevin Driscoll on AVfM Radio


False accusation of rape happens a LOT, and don't you forget it! And no, I won't shut up about it, even though that makes me a potential rapist according to Amanda Marcotte. Oh wait a minute, I forgot.... According to feminism, ALL men are potential rapists!

But again, false accusation of rape happens a lot. We may never know the exact numbers or percentages, but remember that nearly all of these cases go unreported. And who cares about the numbers - even ONE is too damned many!

Kevin Driscoll's case was classic, and I was privileged with an insider's view, since I worked with Kevin myself and helped to promote awareness of what was happening while it was happening.

But listen to the program. It is worth your while. It really is. Make special note of where Kevin talks about the aftermath of his experience, how it has damaged his capactiy to be trustful, and the "post-traumatic paranoia" which it has brought about.

Certainly, this is not healthy for Kevin Driscoll. But in the long run, do you reckon it will be healthy for women when more and more men go through the kind of hell that Kevin went through? Do you figure women will somehow benefit from such things? Do you?

Reflect on how feminism interlaces with all of this - how it spawned the culture which makes it possible for the Jody Vaughans, Mike Nifongs and Mary Kelletts to prosper, and how it poisons not only women, but everybody and everything in general!

If you're like me, you'll conclude that feminism is a social leprosy, toxic to all concerned, and has a lot to answer for!

So sayeth Fidelbogen. 


Anonymous Rob said...

25% of rape complaints were deemed as fraud.

7:51 AM  
Blogger ScareCrow said...

Did you know that "feministing" mentions you in this article:


9:18 AM  

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