Sunday, December 01, 2013

December 1 is Stop Violence Against Men Day

Yes, it has rolled around again. Every month, regular as clockwork, Stop Violence Against Men Day pops up on the calendar when the first of the month arrives. The first of December is no exception.

On this day, we take a minute to think about violence against men. That seems about right, considering that the bulk of all violence on planet Earth falls upon males. We are so accustomed to hearing the phrase "violence against women", that we might almost think that violence against men does not exist.

But I'm pretty sure it does. In fact, I KNOW it does. Not only do men get kicked and punched and battered far more than the other sexual demographic in the world at large, they also experience these things at least EQUALLY within the four walls of home-sweet-home. The evidence is certainly not lacking that women are the guilty parties at least half the time, but to hear feminists and other such people talk, you would think that men are doing it 95% of the time, and that women are innocent as doves and pure as the driven snow.

Actually, women are guilty as hell in this department - but feminism does not trouble itself with the question of female guilt. On the contrary, it is central to the feminist project that women be let off the hook for every possible wrongdoing on every possible occasion. Only in this way is it possible to maximize the sense of male guilt in general, in order to justify the many anti-male projects which feminism would like to set in motion. Additionally, common gynocentrism ( or "women first-ism") has been a perennial fixture of traditional culture since long before the uniquely left-wing version stamped itself upon the world. Hence, the cultural institution of male disposability (which flows from gynocentrism) makes violence against men and boys invisible, or at least somehow "different" from the same misfortune when it befalls women and girls.

So not only does more violence happen to males in the world at large, and at least equal violence in the home, but  adding insult to injury, only violence committed by males seems to be an accepted target of public morality campaigning. And that brings me to my next subject.

The White Ribbon Campaign is precisely the kind of public morality campaign which I am referring to:

This organization describes itself as follows:   "Organized by men working to end men's violence against women, the campaign is dedicated to the women engineering students murdered in Montreal."

Having studied the White Ribbon Campaign a fair bit, I can testify that the phrase "men's violence against women" crops up in their rhetoric ad nauseam. To hear them talk, you would think that women's violence against men didn't exist at all. You would also think that violence against men didn't exist at all , or at least that it was not worth mentioning.

In fact, the White Ribbon Campaign appears to serve no other purpose than to inflict collective guilt upon men, merely because they are men. For when you consider that the bulk of all violence is suffered by males, that the bulk of all MALE violence is inflicted on OTHER males, and that women are the least violated segment of the population overall, then the WRC's perpetual iteration of "men's violence against women" is not only misplaced, it is utterly fraudulent, sadistic, abhorrent and perverse.

I think that the White Ribbon Campaign needs to be harshly called out for this, and publicly shamed for it! Don't you?

In the months ahead, we will be sitting in our think tanks, with our thinking caps on, devising ways to put some heat upon the WRC organization. I expect that we shall be boiling the frog slowly, if you know what I mean, and turning the heat up gradually. But that's all right, since we've got plenty of time - in fact, all the time there is!

I'll see you again next month, on Stop Violence Against Men Day.


Blogger Amfortas said...

Your Guru Precepts advise 'dwelling alone in solitude', but does not say what one does alone in the solitude.

I am a Hermit and enjoy the opportunity solitude provides for 'Keeping' the Grail, which as it happens also needs deep solitude to find.

Violence will always be, while there are bad people. There are likely to be bad people into the far future. They demand the fight and the Good must take it too them.

But one can fight with a Pure heart.

1:25 AM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...


And one can fight fire with fire, with a Pure heart?

3:30 PM  

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