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Camille Paglia Tells it Like it Is - But Some People Don't Want to Believe It!

MacCleans - the Canadian version of Time or Newsweek, apparently knows who Fidelbogen is, and does not want him commenting at their fine online publication. Here is what Fidelbogen was denied permission to post:

[First, I quote a snippet from another commenter:]
""* For some feminists, if you don't subscribe to certain viewpoints or even attempt to be critical of the “movement” then you’ll get lumped into the far right, anti-feminist crowd.*"
[Then, I comment on that snippet:]
The real question is, why does the "far-right, anti-feminist crowd" itself . . . . get lumped in with the "far-right anti-feminist crowd"? 
For that matter, precisely what IS this mysterious "far right, anti-feminist crowd", anyway? 
What actually defines it? Is it really "a thing" at all?? 
Let's face it, cultural insurgency against feminism is growing and spreading across the human board. Yet I sense a growing panic among certain people, a rush to distance themselves from oh. . .what shall I say. . . the hoi-polloi? One might admit that there is a lot wrong with feminism, and yet. . . one is still loath to admit being one of "those people" who are...oh... I dunno..."anti-feminist"?  
Get real! The anti-feminist river is rising and overflooding its banks, and soon we shall all be wading in it, and therefore we shall all be wet whether we like it or not.   
In the end, you see, one is not merely "lumped in" with certain people - one is part of an organic continuum with such people, and said continuum is slanting downhill on an ever-increasing pitch, and is a slippery slope indeed! 
We should all get used to this, and try to make friends with our new... um... "cultural neighbors". ;)"

This comment was meant for an article that interviews the always-interesting Camille Paglia - who flat-out informs us that "feminism is dead", and then tells us why. It's worth a read:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems to looks like this “thing” that we know as feminism is shapeshifting, or going through a transition to change their outward appearance to the world in an attempt to adapt to the rising resistance against it, while at the same time keeping all that vile filthy stuff contained within. No matter, we won’t fall for it.

I guess we can only expect to see more of these kind of nonsense in the future. Just my opinion for the present moment.

11:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was with a friend lately and the radio was on with Rush Limbaugh, whom I enjoy but often do not share the same opinions with... but he used the term 'feminazi' at which point my friend scoffed and was saying that's going too far - well, I explained to him, no, not really. You see, I told him, the Nazis committed many atrocities and attempted violently take over half the world, etc., and even if they are all dead now, they simply have made their bed already so to speak. If people now are going to lump them in with feminists, that's just too bad.

8:22 AM  
Blogger AHLondon said...

"The anti-feminist river is rising and overflooding its banks, and soon we shall all be wading in it, and therefore we shall all be wet whether we like it or not." Exactly what I'm seeing as well. But feminists are in denial and much of the right either doesn't know about the rising river because they've long been shunned by the movement and so don't pay it any mind or are taking the opportunity to say "told ya." Which means nothing is being done about the coming flood.
SLMGoldberg and I are doing a discussion on this at PJMedia. (I need to be writing my latest response, but the end just won't come together. So I'm surfing for fresh perspective and ended up here.)

3:25 PM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...


You don't seem to be Angry Harry, despite the screen name. . .

Anyhow, if it's fresh perspectives you seek, I recommend the following:

And this too:

Do let me know how the PJMedia thing turns out.

4:00 PM  
Anonymous The mad cat women said...

Another reason that some women are distancing themselves is that they are on the verge of missing out on having children. And many jobs are being shipped overseas.So in 10 years time you will have 45 - 55 year old women with no job and no children. The MGTOW movement will be still growing.

Fuck them, for the most part they have only them selves to blame. These corporate whores can go suck
on a dick made from dollar bills.

3:57 PM  

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