Friday, October 11, 2013

They're Starting to Fight Dirty!

We all saw it coming, didn't we? The following was left as a comment on the previous post, and boy does it ever look like the shape of things to come as the other side cranks its game up to the next level. It's true that we are gaining ground in places like Toronto, but the Establishment still has all the power, and all the money, all the media, and all the "big guns" of whichever kind. Their hatred of all things male, and all things non-feminist, is unbounded. Don't despair, though. This just means that we will need to up our own game, and become a lot more sophisticated. Yes, just like I have been urging for quite a while. But here is the reader comment which I told you about:
On the subject of anti-male bias, today while out running errands, I saw an episode of the 'Maury Povrich Show'---one of those daytime TV hate-fests that passes for entertainment. Anyway, his topic was DV against women and brought on a guy who admitted to abusing his wife.
First, I thought it was strange that a lowlife like this would go on national TV and confess to felonies, but when he started talking (or rather, screaming) he went off about how feminism has corrupted women and how women 'need to be taught their place' and I noticed he repeated many phrases current in the Manosphere---along with some near verbatim quotes from some of the Game crowd and other Manosphere hangers-on. None of this had anything to do with the context of what he was accused of.
There was a psychologist there too and the guy's 'victimized' wife. The psychologist---obviously one of Povrich's jack-puddings---was leading the lynch-mob mentality of the crowd. He even said how this type of 'violence against women was being openly promoted on the Internet' and a few manginas in the crowd jumped up to agree. This whole melodrama ended when the wife threw out the husband (amid great fanfare) and agreed to let himself be abused just to learn how it feels (another dubious scenario).
Anybody who's read this far can, of course, see that this whole melodrama was totally faked and was a calculated attempt to portray men's rights advocates as violent thugs. I don't know if this program is available for viewing, but you can see the sickening depths to which our opponents have sunk.
On second thought, what do I really mean by the phrase "they're starting to fight dirty"? Silly me. When have the feminists EVER fought any way but dirty?? Feminism is a dirty game from stem to stern and that will never change. I can't promise we'll come out of this war with entirely clean hands ourselves, considering the nature of the conflict and the necessity which it imposes. So my advice is: don't worry, be happy! You want to get thrown under the bus with clean hands? I hope not.


OpenID Eric said...

Thank you for posting this. As you probably guessed, I'm not a regular TV watcher, but if anyone is interested in researching this further, the program aired between 1-2 PM (PST) on KCPQ-TV (Seattle-Tacoma). Activists may be able to investigate further and do some 'fact-checking' on Povrich's story.

8:41 PM  
Anonymous Introspectre said...

So, Whorey's a good little tool is he? Why am I not surprised.

And yes textbook, (but still rather lame), subversive tactics, by tyrants and their useful idiot's. Obvious to the aware; I just hope most people are smarter than the average Povich viewer.

PLEASE let them be smarter than the average Povich viewer!

10:48 PM  
OpenID Eric said...


Well, the news gets depressing. I found some stats on the Web from 2011 and it gives his total viewership at 3.4 million, or a rating of 2.3%. This is about half the viewership for a nationally televised NFL football game.

I'm afraid that Americans really are THAT dumb...

7:29 PM  
Blogger lmcquaid said...

Thankfully not all of those viewers believe they are watching 'reality'. Keep up the good work Fidelbogen. BTW you are right. Feminism is purely rhetorical. The only truth it contains is the solipsistic truth of 'feels'. Only the cold, calm rational kind of truth can slay such a demon.

11:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is only logical.
Do remember, TV and media in general, journalism, all that is heavily run by feminists, and those that aren't feminists will still follow the same game plan to fit in.
So now they are just using their power over media for their cause.
If sentiments of anti feminism have been ignored in the past, this will not be the case for long. Eventually once they see it as a real threat they will go from ignoring anti feminism to trying to ridicule it, a way of indirect and dirty way to brush away the legitimate protests without having any form of debate. And they will do this as long as they can get away with it, as long as merely making a mockery of it is passable with people and just a joke.

So first we should get ready for more of this.
Make preparations to make it clear that this sock puppets and other creations of propaganda are dirty lies and only show the immaturity of those using them.

And second, this is just a phase as well.
They won't be able to just joke about anti feminism for long, eventually they will have to fight it directly.

Going from ignored to laughed at is just a step another step in the fight, and towards victory.

6:39 PM  

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