Thursday, October 03, 2013

From the Memory Vaults - Lest We Forget

Here is a story with something extra special about it. It concerns a young man whose ex-girlfriend stabbed him in the penis with a kitchen knife, in a "hell hath no fury like woman scorned" scenario. Fury indeed! She wanted sex with HIM, you understand, but he rebuffed her. What makes this even "better" is that she also made a false allegation of sexual assault in order to exonerate herself from her bloody crime: 

If this makes you think of the Bobbitt case, then your mind is working as it properly should. Archivist, of the False Rape Society, naturally draws attention to the parallel and offers a quick recap of the infamous episode followed by this observation:
Lorena was treated as a feminist hero. . . . You read that right: a feminist hero. In fact, before a single fact was adjudicated, before a scrap of evidence was admitted at trial, serious publications covered the story as if the dismemberment was in some manner justified. It was called "a cautionary tale" for men.
Yes, and dredging my own memory of that time, I can still see the news photos of street demonstrations, and I can still hear the "you go girl!" rhetoric complete with all of the foaming spittle that accompanied this! Similarly, I can't help thinking of the Duke lacrosse case, where the trial-by-media ran upon an identical track. Oh the irony! Heaps and heaps of it, mounting up to the firmament!

Archivist continues:
Fast forward to 2009 and the case of another knife-wielding woman. This time, there is no indication that the man wronged her. The man was not charged with sexually abusing her, as Mr. Bobbitt was. Her apparently criminal overreaction to her ex-boyfriend's rebuffs is not embraced by feminists or the news media. In fact, she's probably an embarrassment to the feminists.

In short, the case doesn't represent some larger "truth" about male predatory behavior or female victimization. In fact, never are the words "domestic violence" used in the news reports, as they surely would be if the genders were reversed . . . .
It's just a story about a man apparently falsely accused of sexual assault whose penis was attacked by a knife-wielding woman.

Nothing to get excited about.
"Nothing to get excited about." That summation certainly doesn't waste any words, does it? ;)

The story is a few years old, but it sounds as recent as last week, doesn't it? Feminists are STILL telling us that "misandry doesn't exist", and you know what? They will go on telling us that until hell freezes over, because if they finally threw in the towel and admitted that misandry is just as real as misogyny, and just as prevalent, it would spell the rapid demise of feminism - both as an ideology and as a movement. Feminism would simply not be viable if it could not blame everything on men and exonerate women from moral accountability in every possible case.

I don't share this story for cheap, sensationalistic reasons. That is not how I roll. Rather, I share it to make a point about the cultural morality which governs our world. If we swap out the sexes in this story, so that some man had done the roughly equivalent thing to some woman, then the femosphere would flare up like a forest fire. They would blaze on and on about it, you may be sure of that. They would regale us with all manner of patriarchy theories, and misogyny narratives, and hysterical jabberings about toxic masculinity. The liberal chattering classes, too, would join in the ruckus. Years later, it would make the textbooks in women's studies courses, and feminist politicians would recount the story in front of  their various legislatures while urging that new laws be passed to protect women and criminalize maleness even further.

But because a woman did this horrendous thing to a man, it evidently does not warrant any particular flutter - and indeed, since 2008, it has vanished from our collective memory as effectively as (to use my favorite analogy) a rock tossed into the ocean would do. It made a little splash for a little moment before it sank out of sight forever.

Really, nobody much cares about violence against men. When it happens to women, then for some mysterious reason - so far as our culture is concerned - it is objectively more of a tragedy. There is no other explanation for this, but  that our culture deems male life less valuable. Simply stated, there is no other explanation than male disposability.

Feminism capitalizes on this cultural mindset, and exploits it to the hilt. 

The worst of it is that not only is violence against men regarded as nothing at all, but men are consistently exploited as scapegoats and moral punching bags for ALL of society's sins - especially women's. In a nutshell, feminism robs men morally, physically, spiritually, materially, financially, and every way you can think of, and adds insult to injury by blaming men for pretty much everything that is wrong with the world. Furthermore, they pollute the female masses with this mental outlook and then have the fucking gall to whine about "misogyny", and tell us that misandry doesn't exist.

Feminism is the enemy of men, and men who support feminism are double enemies because they are traitors. I care about men, and that is why I denounce feminism. For if I shut my mouth, knowing what I know, then I too would be a traitor.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Female on male violence is often glorified and admired or just ignored under the rug. Giving society a false view of the world.
It's hard to seriously expect any integrity, objectivity and fairness from the mainstream media, with all the feminists there and the strings attached. But they will keep showing their true colors and it will continue to be exposed until they can't get away with it.

4:30 PM  
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