Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Another Little Skirmish in the Mind Wars

People say weak things all the time, and all you must do is watch and wait for an opening. Attack what is weak, and you will stay in a position of strength. Don't be in a lather to attack at the slightest provocation. Sit out battle after battle and gather your strength, and when opportunity beckons, strike! Seek the cracks in your enemy's armor, and weasel through, and drill into the soft guts below. It's easy, and yet so many people have a hard time doing this, or even understanding this. That leads me to speculate that maybe it isn't so easy after all - or at least not until you learn the trick. But yes, if we can train a thousand people to fight in such a way, victory will be ours.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

If "the privileged don't usually see that they have privilege", then just how in the fuck does anybody know if they have privilege or not? How particularly fucking stupid is that? The dumbass who wrote that was a feminist, I keep in mind, it requires a different standard in various aspects including the matter of who is "privileged". They have no self esteem, that's why they are able to use actually stupidity and self-parody as a weapon.

9:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The beauty of that comment is that it perfectly applies to feminism.

"The privileged doesn't realize he has those privileges"

That applies very well to feminism.

Who has special faculties, special laws passed, and gets a free pass on hate speech against men?
Yet they don't realize they have all those privileges while any person trying to voice reason against them, or trying to speak up for men isuses is sienced.

It also fits for the issues seen in courts when matters such as domestic abuse or child custody or rape put a man against a woman.

The man is instantly assumed guilty, due process is thrown out of the window and facts no longer matter to the court.
The privilege of women is not being treated equally, not having to answer to justice, getting away with using courts to abuse innocent men.

12:48 PM  

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